I feel like this would turn me into a hermit. Pretty much any social activity requires money, unless you hang out at a friend's house and eat and drink their food, or go to a park just to walk around, but I'm guessing that most social groups in America prefer to go to a bar, movie, etc. » 4/01/14 7:20am 4/01/14 7:20am

As Jacobm001 says, it might be illegal if the smell is seeping into your apartment, but I'm not sure; that's something you'd have to find out. I was in the same situation, and the apartment complex just told me that they can't stop the neighbors from smoking in their own apartments and the smell seeping into my… » 3/30/14 6:16pm 3/30/14 6:16pm

I'm currently just waiting on craiglloyd.com. Some guy is using it for email, but from the way he was talking, it didn't seem like a huge deal for him to keep it. However, he still wanted a ton of money for it. I'm settling with craiglloyd.net for now, but I have alerts set up when craiglloyd.com is set to expire. Just … » 3/25/14 10:48am 3/25/14 10:48am

Aside from the obvious "keep the box and manuals", I'd say take care of the battery so that even when it's a few years old and you go to sell it, the battery is still in good condition. Telling prospective buyers that you took care of the battery pretty much means that you babied the entire laptop altogether. » 3/21/14 6:08pm 3/21/14 6:08pm