I'm right on the edge of not needing to own a car, but probably still a good idea that I do. I maybe drive my car twice per week on average (if that) since we usually take my wife's car everywhere, but when she's at work, that's usually when I need a car. » 10/28/14 8:34am Tuesday 8:34am

He says that no one gave him their email passwords even though they didn't have anything to hide, but it's not because we're doing anything bad with our email accounts (and thus need privacy). It's because our emails contain stuff like bank information that we don't want other people to have, etc. » 10/14/14 7:10pm 10/14/14 7:10pm

I ran into the friendship bracelet trick many times in Paris, but I only ended up giving them a euro or something crazy low like that. Apparently someone else in our group only had a 20 on her and handed it over to them just to get them off her back.. » 8/14/14 8:05am 8/14/14 8:05am

I think it depends on what kind of neighborhood you live in. When I was younger we lived in a very safe neighborhood, so my parents weren't really concerned about anything bad happening. They let me stay out until 11pm on weekends raising hell. » 8/06/14 11:09am 8/06/14 11:09am