I used to drive an 1989 Silverado every day. It was genuinely a piece of crap: I had to floor the gas pedal to even get it to accelerate at a decent rate, the A/C was broke, the radio didn't work, and there was rust everywhere (enough that there were good chunks missing from the body panels). » 3/03/15 5:54pm Yesterday 5:54pm

Maybe it's because I've never had to break up with someone (my wife was my first GF), but I've never understood when couples break up but remain good friends. One of my friends has broken up with about three guys over the years, but remains good friends with all of them. It seems kinda weird to me. » 12/15/14 5:51am 12/15/14 5:51am

Joining a fantasy league is by far the best way to learn about the sport and the players. I've always been a baseball fan and followed the White Sox closely, but joining a fantasy league for the first time taught me sooooo much more about all the players and teams. » 11/26/14 5:48am 11/26/14 5:48am

I read I Will Teach You To Be Rich and liked it for the most part. It had a lot of good stuff to consider, so I started to follow Ramit Sethi and watch his videos, but holy crap does he come off as kind of conceited and a tiny bit of a jerk. I find Dave Ramsey to be the same way. Seems like it's a trend with financeā€¦ » 11/18/14 6:47am 11/18/14 6:47am